No.1-2 / 2013, Vol. CXVI, New Series

Romanian Journal of Military Medicine Vol. CXVI,  No. 1-2/2013, New Series

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  • Mihai-Marius MUREȘAN
    Military Medicine – QUO VADIS?
  • Mălina Ciumaşu-Rîmbu, Cristina Morariu
    Management of maladaptive stress response in the military professionals
  • C. Pârvulescu, O. Nicodin, N. Niculescu , B. Panaite
    Problems in pretherapeutical staging of endometrial cancer
  • Liviu Mosoia, Theodor Artenie, Răzvan Petrescu, Madhava Pai, Marcel Bogdan, Ionel Câmpeanu
    Cryoablation treatment for colorectal liver metastases
  • Caius Bogdan Teuşdea, Sebastian Dogaru
    Intraosseous vascular access in emergency situations
  • Ioniță Radu Florentina, Pătrășescu Mihăiță
    Familial adenomatous polyposis – rare cause of colorectal cancer in young
  • F. Chirteş
    Clinical pharmacologycal considerations regarding therapy in cohleo-vestibular
    syndromes by administering intratympanic medication
  • Lidia Dobrescu*, Cezar Plesca**, Silviu Stanciu ***
    Safety Integrated System for investigated patients by Radiological imaging methods
  • Bogdan Marinescu
    Chronic of the 18th Balkan Military Medicine Congress



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